A dark side to humanity

I found this from Ned’s Journal quite insightful… Please read.

Ned's journal

Ever wondered why it is that no matter how many times you respond to alter calls and vow to never again in your entire life commit evil, yet you just can’t resist the excitement you derive from seeing other people (especially the ones you don’t particularly like) fail?


Whether it’s belly laughing at fail videos, delighting at a friend or enemy’s failure right after disregarding your advice (however honest or mendacious it might have been), or savoring those moments when a rival loses a competition, every one of us in one way or another, enjoys other’s misfortunes – to some extent.

However, what we might have failed to acknowledge is that as a trait possessed by every human being, hardwired into our thinking pattern, has been identified long ago, and is thus known as schadenfreude”.


“Wait, what! how do you even pronounce that?”

Not to worry, this ancient German-originated…

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