Logan: Trailer #2 Review 

An all new Logan Trailer is upon us!!  The new official and international trailer for Logan has been released by 20th Century FOX.  Logan starring Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Laura Kinney as X-23  just like (wolverine), Patrick Stewart as Proffesor Charles Xavier will be released on the March 3rd in the US and UK.
From the first trailer not much was seen as to what the movie holds in store for X-Men fans but after 20th Century FOX released the Second Trailer,  a lot of questions were answered, seeing as the mystery girl now known to be exactly like wolverine (but with two claws instead of three) was revealed to be X-23, a mutant hunted down by Transgien (a corporation that wants to turn children mutants to weapons) In a world where the mutant type are dying out (set in Year 2024 after X-Men:Days of our Future Past),we see Logan hiding out and caring for a sickly Professor X suffering from Alzheimer’s and hesitant to help the girl (X-23) as he has his own issues with his healing but ends up doing so and forming a bond with the girl after all she’s just like him as Professor X convinces him to.

Click on the link for trailer and tell me what you think. 

Logan Official International Trailer #2

Pictures of Clips from the Movie Logan 

Wolverine and X-23

Laura Kinney as X-23

Professor X with Logan 

Logan in confrontation with Transgien’s Nathaniel Essex 


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